Pitt Town Church

Community Care

Being the hands and feet of Jesus

to the community of Pitt Town

Serving like Jesus

At Pitt Town Church we are all about Jesus and we believe that following Jesus means we have to serve like Jesus. Jesus was the ultimate servant hearted leader, he said that whoever wants to be great, must first serve others. He would go on to prove this by dying on the cross, becoming a servant for us, so we could enter into a relationship with God. Therefore, as people who follow Jesus, the servant hearted King, we want to be serving others like Jesus.

How we can Help:

Town Anglican will help as

far as we can. 

Things we can help with include:

- Fresh home cooked meals (just let us know dietary requirements) 

- Groceries, meat, and fruit and veggie boxes (including working with local businesses like Pitt Town Fresh and the Pitt Town Butcher to prepare and deliver the food) 

- Nappies/baby supplies

- Tea/coffee and a listening ear 

- Prayer and spiritual support 

- Legal assistance for those in need (through Stonebraker Lawyers) 

- we have members with houses throughout the area who are happy to offer a place for warm showers and a cup of coffee.


Anyone in the community in need of assistance can contact:

The Church Office:
Email: admin@pitttownchurch.com 

John Stonebraker directly: 

Mobile: 0422 532 547

Email: johnathan.Stonebraker@gmail.com

Where are we?

Call: 132 500

ANGLICAN Community

110 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town, NSW, 2756

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