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Day Camp 2022

We are super excited to announce that Day Camp is back for 2022!


Day Camp 2022, Mystery Island, will be held over 4 action packed days from the 5th of July till the 8th of July. Plus the very special Day Camp Celebration on the 10th of July.

This is a Day Camp you will not want to miss!

Day Camp is a camp run by our church for kindy- year 5 that goes for 4 days. Kids will arrive at Church each morning to sign in at 9am, we will then sing songs, learn about our great God, then hop on the bus which will take us across to a property in Ebenezer. When we arrive at the property we will break into smaller groups and make shelters in the bush, cook on a campfire, play games, go on adventures, make crafts and talk about what we learned that morning. 
We will then pack up and jump back on the bus at 3pm to return to church, sing some songs, share our favorite things of the day and then be picked up at 4pm by parents.

Registration for kids is now open, as well as leader registration still available!



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This link is for Leaders and helpers to volunteer at Day Camp

Leaders - unsure of what you can do at Day Camp Mystery Island 2022? Don't worry we can help you figure it out. Click the 'Learn More' button to find out how you can help this Day Camp