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Hey there! Thanks so much for partnering with us this year in Heart for Home! We're so grateful already for your current generosity in our church, and our prayer is that many will be able to take up this opportunity to be generous in this way. Apart from donations, we can all be praying for these projects - that God will provide and that we'll be wise stewards with what we receive.

Take some time to take a look at our Heart for Home projects for this year...


Heart for Home People.jpg

Training for the Future

2024 Student Minister

Goal: $10,934

Total Raised: $700

Seed-fund Future Staff


Goal: $10,000

Total Raised: $550

Pitt Town has always been, and will continue to be, a training church. We want to raise up the next generation of ministers, preachers, and missionaries. One way to do this is to have a student minister from a bible college come work with us on Sundays to contribute to the ministry and to gain practical experience

We want to keep on making space for people to come under the Lordship of Jesus. This means we need to keep reaching out to the lost and building each other up in Christ. To do new things in order to reach new people requires another person to join our staff team and so we’re looking to seed-fund that position.

Heart for Home Property.jpg

Turning spaces into places

Kids Space Shade Sail

Goal: $5,000

Total Raised: $0

Paving Under the Entrance


Goal: $9,000

Total Raised: $1300

We want to serve our littlest members as they play by keeping them safe from the sun. By installing a shade sail in ouer Kids Space, this will allow families to enjoy the space more, and eliminate any weather factors that might impact our use of this space.

Over a year ago we were able to install some shade covering out the front of the Church Hall entrance. This has been a great blessing! It has provided a great space for meeting - regardless of the weather.

With this blessing has come a new issue, with is that the grass underneath is no longer able to grow, and it is becoming a dirty and muddy space. We think a great way to improve this and make this space useable long-term is to pave this area.

Heart for Home Poverty.jpg

Alleviating the suffering of the Poor

Hawkesbury's Helping Hands

Goal: $5,000

Total Raised: $300

Compassion Global Food Crisis

Goal: $5000

Total Raised: $300

There are many poor and homeless people in our area and we want to love and serve them. Our heart is to alleviate people’s suffering, especially their eternal suffering, and so we want to play our part in alleviating the suffering of the poor by partnering with Helping Hands.

Our church isn’t just focused on itself or even just on our specific local area, but we have a global horizon and a heart for the nations.

The number of people facing acute food insecurity around the world has jumped from 135 million in 2019 to 345 million today — more than ten times Australia’s population.

You can find out more about the global food crisis here

Thank You!

What happens if we don’t reach our targets?

Different projects will mean different things.


For our Poverty projects to help the poor & needy, whatever we receive we’ll send on to those organisations. We’ll do this even if we don’t reach our targets.


For our People and Property projects if we don’t reach those targets we’ll bank and earmark that money and it will not be spent on anything else. This money has been given to us for a specific cause, so it's important that we don't simply redistribute that money elsewhere. 

The money won't just sit there forever though!

We've selected these Heart For Home projects because we're aware of these important needs.


What we'll do is simply wait until another year when there is money planned in the budget for those exact items and we’ll use the Heart for Home money then. Of course, individuals are welcome to contribute to these items at any time of the year if they feel particularly passionate about them - however we think it's important to reassure the church that the money that has been given to a particular cause, won't be used for anything else.

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