Church songwriting group

7th May: 10am - 12pm

Whether you're a musician or a lyricist, someone who's written songs before or never have but would love to learn how... then THIS group is for you!

Open to anyone in the church (not just the music team), this group seeks to support and provide tools to those who are keen to resource our church with biblically faithful and culturally connecting congregational songs.

This first group session we'll talk together about what makes for a good congregational song, how we can love and serve one-another in giving and receiving feedback, as well as providing an opportunity for individuals to share a 'work in progress' (if they feel comfortable). If you have a song or an idea you're working on, this would be a great space to get some input, problem solve, or seek collaboration.

If you're interested in being part of this group, I'd love to know! Please contact Trav Cook either via DM or via email: