Day Camp is coming up on the 5th - 8th of July this school holidays.

Day Camp is a camp run by our church for kindy- year 5 that goes for 4 days. Kids will arrive at Church each morning to sign in at 9am, we will then sing songs, learn about our great God, then hop on the bus which will take us across to a property in Ebenezer. When we arrive at the property we will break into smaller groups and make shelters in the bush, cook on a campfire, play games, go on adventures, make crafts and talk about what we learned that morning.

We will then pack up and jump back on the bus at 3pm to return to church, sing some songs, share our favorite things of the day and then be picked up at 4pm by parents.

Day Camp is totally run by people in our church volunteering their time to help run camp by leading a group of between 5-9 kids on camp or helping with other elements of set up, pack up and the running of camp.

Each group will have at least one or two leaders and Jr leader.

All the ways you can help out are on the "how will you serve" document linked to the start of the leaders and helpers sign up form.

If you are able to lead a group or lead onsite at camp you will need to get a Working with children Check and complete the safe ministry course, which will need to be started as soon as possible. If you don't have these yet please just sign up anyway and we'll help you through the process of getting them.

The more leaders we have the more kids that get to hear the gospel and see christians living out their faith in Jesus!

You can sign up though this link:

Here's some dates to keep on your radar RE-Day Camp:

Leaders Training Day - Sunday 12th June 1pm - 3pm

Campsite Setup Day - Sunday 3rd July After 11am Service (about 1pm)

Campsite Pack Up Day - Friday 8th July from 1pm - 3pm

Camp Dates - Tuesday 5th July - Friday 8th July

Day Camp Sunday - 10th July 11am