Hospitality weekend - July 22-24

Please start thinking whether you can be a host (anytime that weekend e.g. Fri dinner, Sat brunch or morning tea or lunch or dinner or coffee & dessert after dinner , Sun etc etc) or consider if you'd like to be a guest.

More info and sign up details coming soon.

This is a weekend we typically set aside twice a year (apart from COVID) where we encourage evryone to get involved in "true hospitality' and develop regular habits.

Biblical hospitality is the 'love of strangers', so we match up hosts with people at church that they don't know well or at all, so that we all get a chance to meet new people and love the 'stranger'.

There will also be a Hospitality booklet coming out soon that will help you think through what Biblical Hospitality is, why its important and tips on how to do it.