Making a will can be a valuable tool to ensure that all that God's entrusted you with will continue to be used for wise and godly purposes even after you have gone. It's also a tool for care of those you love. While this service is typically $715 for husband and wife wills, enduring POA, and enduring guardian, Stonebraker Lawyers are generously donating thier time and expertise - pro bono - on Saturday the 14th of May in the Ministry Center, to serve those wanting to create a will. All they request is that those who take part make a donation to the church with the reference "Wills Day", so that their service will not only bless individuals but also be a blessing to the church through your generosity. There are 8 time slots available (only one slot needed per couple):

  1. 9:30am

  2. 10:15am

  3. 11:00am

  4. 11:45am

  5. 1:30pm

  6. 2:15pm

  7. 3:00pm

  8. 3:45pm

To book a time, please contact Stonebraker Lawyers with your name and preferred time via email: Alternatively if you have questions or need to discuss further you can reach them via phone: Office: 02 4580 7170 Mobile: 0422 532 547