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Our Team


I'm Craig and I'm the Senior Minister here at Pitt Town. I'm married to Nicole, and we have three children (in age, not preference, order):Avalon, Willow, and Ezekiel. I like reading, am beginning to enjoy cooking, don't like going to the gym at all but do it anyway, and think that pro-wrestling is the shining paragon of western cultural achievement. 

Craig Hamilton


I'm Trav and I’m an Assistant Minister here looking after our Sunday services and Communications. I’m married to Meredith (Mez) and we have 3 girls - Lucy, Hattie, and Winnie. In my spare time I enjoy playing computer games, watching movies & AFL (go Hawks!), and listening to audiobooks (so good when someone else reads to you)."

Trav Cook


Hey, I am Jules Kukulka the Membership Coordinator here at Pitt Town Church. I’ve been happily married to Andrew for 27 years, we have two daughters (almost 18 and 21 yrs old). I love reading (mainly dystopian, thriller or fantasy novels), cooking desserts (and eating them!!), naps, 80’s music (plus ABBA!!) & cats

Jules Kukulka


Hey! I am Tim Sandell, the Communication Team Leader here at Pitt Town Church. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Media, with a focus on film and radio at Macquarie University. I love technology, cooking (mostly BBQing these days), music, WWE and hanging out with friends. 

Tim Sandell


Nathan Tuckwel


I'm Chris Mann the Youth Minister/ Mission Coordinator here at Pitt Town Church. I am married to the lovely Helen and we have two great kids. I enjoy going to the beach (even though I end up red all over), hanging out with family and friends, anything tennis related and talking about Jesus!

Chris Mann


Hey, I'm Blake Peisley and I'm the Children's Minister here at Pitt Town Church. 

I have a beautiful wife Emily and very cute 1 and a 1/2 year old daughter named Indiana.

In my spare time I love to do landscape gardening and going to cafes and restaurants with friends and family.

Blake Peisley


Hey, I am John Cowne, at Pitt Town Church I am the Associate Minister and I also support our growth groups. I am married to Di. I love reading, collecting (and being given) sand from all over the world (but have never left Australia), and playing with magic tricks. I also loving sharing Jesus through SRE at schools.

John Cowne


Louise Redman

Office Manager

Louise Redman


Katie Smith

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