Our Team

I'm Craig and I'm the Senior Minister here at Pitt Town. I'm married to Nicole, and we have three children (in age, not preference, order):Avalon, Willow, and Ezekiel. I like reading, am beginning to enjoy cooking, don't like going to the gym at all but do it anyway, and think that pro-wrestling is the shining paragon of western cultural achievement. 

Craig Hamilton

Hey, I'm Blake Peisley and I'm the Children's Minister here at Pitt Town Church. 

I have a beautiful wife Emily and very cute 1 and a 1/2 year old daughter named Indiana.

In my spare time I love to do landscape gardening and going to cafes and restaurants with friends and family.

Blake Peisley

Hey, I am Jules Kukulka the Membership Coordinator here at Pitt Town Church. I’ve been happily married to Andrew for 27 years, we have two daughters (almost 18 and 21 yrs old). I love reading (mainly dystopian, thriller or fantasy novels), cooking desserts (and eating them!!), naps, 80’s music (plus ABBA!!) & cats

Jules Kukulka

I am Tim Edwards the Student Minister here at Pitt Town Church. I am married to Maddy. I am currently studying at Moore Theological College in Newtown, working towards a Bachelor of Divinity. When I'm not studying, I enjoy watching English football ('soccer') and passionately supporting Crystal Palace #COYP! 

Tim Edwards

Chris Mann

Youth Pastor

Chris Mann

Hey, I am John Cowne, at Pitt Town Church I am the Associate Minister and I also support our growth groups. I am married to Di. I love reading, collecting (and being given) sand from all over the world (but have never left Australia), and playing with magic tricks. I also loving sharing Jesus through SRE at schools.

John Cowne

Louise Redman

Office Manager

Louise Redman

Hey! I am Tim Sandell, the Communication Team Leader here at Pitt Town Church. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Media, which a focus on film and radio at Macqurie University. I love technology, cooking (mostly BBQing these days), music, WWE and hanging out with friends. 

Tim Sandell