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What a great and generous God we follow! As a church, we want to encourage everyone to live and give like Jesus. Here are a few things we reccomend you consider as you work out what a GENEROUS LIFESTYLE looks like for you.


Spend some time praying, for yourself, but also for us as a church! Pray that we'd all continue to grow in our generosity with all that God's given us.


The bible says in 2 Cor 9:7 that God doesn't want us to give reluctantly or under compulsion - so make a plan and decide in your heart what you will give. The amount doesn't matter, your giving doesn't have to look like someone elses! But instead God's interested in equal sacrifice. Giving generously what you can, out of what he's generously given you.


Whatever amount that you decide between you and God, we suggest the best way to be consistent with your giving, and to serve the church's planning and management of what we receive, is to set up a regular online direct deposit. The process is different with each bank, but it should be relatively simple to set up a regular amount to be transferred to our church's account. Here's the details for you:

Name: Anglican Church of Australia, Parish of Pitt Town
BSB: 012 874
Acc. No.: 3047 05894

NB: please include your service name in the description of any direct deposit giving, thanks!

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