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At Pitt Town Church, we want to play our part in raising up the next generations of Christian leaders and we’re committed to training students every year. We are looking for students at Theological College who want to serve like Jesus by being practically equipped for gospel ministry.


Could that be you? 


We’re offering two paid positions and an almost unlimited number of unpaid positions in the next year. (All positions include reimbursement of travel costs)


We want to invest in the development of future ministers in four ways:


1. By pouring in personal time and care.


3. Intentional ministry reflection and leadership development


2. Preaching development through training, preaching opportunities and detailed feedback.


4. Multiple ministry experiences and contexts

What should you expect?

A Student Ministry position at Pitt Town would be two years of training and practical experience in the context of a growing church at the tip of the North-West Growth Corridor. Training would focus on refining your pre-existing ministry skills while being able to observe and learn new ministry skills, systems and structures. You can expect to refine and develop skills in service leading, preaching, pastoral care, leadership, and more. 

Sunday Services: 8:30am, 9am, 11am, 5pm, 

  • first four weeks of term 1: present at all four services

  • Rest of term 1: lunchtime and 2 services

  • Term 2: lunchtime and 3 services

  • Term 3: lunchtime and 4 services

  • Term 4: lunchtime and 3 services



  • 4-6 preaching opportunities

  • Personal feedback the week before you preach

  • Personal feedback the week after you preach


Leadership Development

  • once a month opportunity to meet with a ministry team member to ask questions about life, ministry, and to develop your leadership.

  • Once a term intentional one-on-one time with a minster to personally reflect and develop.


Optional Experiences

  • Invitations to key staff development and planning days

  • Involvement in our Friday Kids or Youth Ministry

The Student Minister Program is overseen by our Senior Minister Craig Hamilton (author of Wisdom in Leadership and Wisdom in Leadership Development) and includes input from the entire Pitt Town ministry team. 


Hear from past Student Minister

Pre Shunmugam- 2017-2020 (SMBC):

My time serving at Pitt Town Anglican as a student minister was immensely formative for me, not only in experiencing what vocational ministry

was like but also in my personal spiritual growth and maturity.

The teaching was grounded in the bible and there was

a strong missional culture to engage with the community

and share the gospel as we went about life. One of the

things that I loved most was the practical experience I

had there! I was given the opportunity to apply what I

was learning in theory at college to real life. This ranged

from serving and leading in teams, preaching, being a

part of planning strategies and new initiatives, one to one

bible readings and leading bible study to name just a few.

The icing on the cake was a loving and supportive church family, as well as an awesome staff team who are servant hearted like Jesus and passionate to see people loving and delighting in Him.  The vision at Pitt Town is to see people compelled by the love of Jesus to follow him and help others follow him, guided by the bible. This vision has been ingrained into me and I will take it wherever God leads my family and I in life.  I am very thankful to God for the time I spent at Pitt Town. 

Pre S.jpg

Tim Edwards-2021-2022 (Moore College): 

Pitt Town Anglican Church has a long history of student ministry which reflects the church’s commitment to building up and sending out the next

generation of gospel workers. Geographically, Pitt Town

is situated at the peak of Sydney’s north-west population

growth corridor with the church preparing to embrace the

region’s rapid population rise. As a student minister at

Pitt Town, it has been a privilege to serve across the

church’s wide range of ministries, learning about the

diversity of church life. The staff and the congregation

are extremely welcoming and encouraging, as well as

sympathetic towards the demands of college life.

The team at Pitt Town strive to help student ministers convert their

learning into practical application. Personally, this has included running my own project which has given me a chance to test and develop my ministry skills. I would encourage anyone thinking about vocational, missionary, or lay ministry to consider Pitt Town. 


Next Step?

Keen? Have some questions? Get in touch with us: 

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