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Global Leadership summit 2022

What is it?

GLS is an at-church conference where we watch the videocast of world-class leadership learning. Some of the presenters are Christians, others aren’t. Some of the sessions will be better than others, but all of them will be stimulating and possibly even transforming.

Who are some speakers I might have heard of?

Here’s a few of the faculty for this year’s conference: Craig Groeschel ( lead pastor), Bob Iger (former CEO of the Walt Disney Company), Deb Lui (CEO of Ancestry), Dr. Henry Cloud (psychologist and leadership consultant who wrote that book Boundaries), plus others.

What are some of the topics they’ll talk about?

The Science of Connection, 5 Disruptive Future Leadership Trends, Mastering Risk, Leadership and Mental Health, plus more.


Saturday Nov 19, 10am till 4pm

How much does it cost?

$89 each plus food

What’s the food going to be?

Great question. Don’t know yet. We might organise something together or we might all do our own thing. We’ll let you know soon!

How do I register?

Click on this link and follow the instructions. If you get stuck let us know!


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