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Hey there! As part of our Thanksgiving Dinner, we want to share stories about the impact of the gospel on our ministries and our growth this past year.

As you prepare these stories to share with the church, we'd love to give you some guidance and some tips to help your preparation.


Choose a format that will work best for you and your message/confidence. We suggest pre-recording with video so that you can say what you want to with clarity and comfort.

Here's a few options you might want to consider



  • SONG


Our communications team would love to help you with any support you might need for this task! Just contact to discuss any assistance you might require.

Please be sure to book in early for any technical requirements you might need.


Since we'll have a number of stories on the night, it'd be great if we can be aware of the time that we take. This will help the night to run well, but also ensure that your words are clear, concise, and most importantly - all heard by everyone present.

Try to keep your story between 2-3 minutes.


Our Thanksgiving Dinner is on the 5th November - which means that we'd love to see a copy of everyone's stories by Wednesday 2nd November.

This will ensure we can check the number of stories, as well as their length and content before the night to assist us with our planning.

Please be sure to make all arrangements necessary for booking in recording or planning to meed this deadline.

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